Hikes with a shaded background have been hiked since Fall 2012 (or will be hiked in the near future). Place the mouse over that line to see history.

NoName of HikeDistElevDifficFee?


321 easyNo
300Oak Glen Loop
4 miles900 ft moderateNo
295Sawmill Road Waterfall
4 miles800 ft moderateNo
316Thursday MODS
9 miles1700 ft moderateNo
287Upper easyNo

Anza Borrego

309Anza Borrego: Palm Canyon and The Slot
6 miles1000 ft moderateNo
29Calcite Mine5 miles500 ft moderateNo
28Calcite Mine plus Slots
7 miles700 ft moderateNo
245Hell Hole Canyon and The Slot
1000 ft moderateNo
71Hellhole Canyon5 miles900 ft moderateNo
93Key Slot Canyon3 miles300 ft easyNo

Cathedral City

33Cathedral Canyon
4 miles1000 ft moderateNo
34Cathedral Canyon Loop10 miles2000 ft strenuousNo
56Eagle Canyon
3 miles800 ft easyYes
55Eagle Canyon Discovery
8 miles1000 ft moderateNo
57Eagle Canyon Lower Loop Easy
3 miles500 ft easyNo
58Eagle Canyon Lower Loop Moderate
4 miles800 ft moderateNo

Club Event

241Club Event - Hike Leader Training Session
186Club Getaway
187Club New Year's Eve Hike & Potluck Lunch
185Club Social
184Club Trail Work Day
226Compass and GPS Clinic
202DTHC Hike Leader Training & Meeting
208Hike 4 Hope
317Hike Leader WORKSHOP
266Hike Leaders Training
76Hiking 101
3 miles easyYes
188Sand Dunes Tour
3 miles100 ft Event

Coachella Valley Preserve

42Coachella Preserve Nature Walk3 miles400 ft easyNo
43Coachella Valley Preserve Mystery Hike
6 miles moderateNo
314Coachella Valley Preserve Photography Hike
3 miles400 ft easyNo
73Herman's Peak Trail
7 miles1000 ft moderateNo
313Hidden Palms Loop
4.5 miles600 ft moderateNo
269Kim's Mystery Hike
6 miles moderateNo
112Moon Country
4 miles400 ft easyNo
132Pushwalla Palms
6 miles800 ft moderateNo
180Willis Palms
4 miles400 ft easyNo

Cottonwood area, JTNP

242Coyote Mine
5 miles1000 ft moderateYes
310Ruby Lee Mine Site
6 miles800 ft moderateYes

CSP at Indio Hills Palms

86Indio Hills Mystery Hike
6 miles moderateNo

Desert Hot Springs

40Chocolate Drop
5 miles1000 ft moderateNo
39Chocolate Drop and Smore
7 miles1500 ft moderateNo
228Mission Creek PCT Loop
10 miles1500 ft strenuousNo
203Mission Creek to San Gorgonio Overlook
13 miles1000 ft strenuousNo
312Mission Creek Walkabout
4.5 miles200 ft easyNo
138Ruth's Ramble
6 miles800 ft easyNo

Forest Falls

275Aqueduct Loop, Bear Paw Reserve
8 miles1200 ft strenuousNo
281Old Highway 38: Mountain Home to Angelus Oaks
6.5 miles2000 ft moderateNo

Garner Valley

37Cedar Springs
6 miles1700 ft moderateNo
35Cedar Springs to Palm Canyon13 miles1300 ft strenuousNo
36Cedar Springs to Valley Overlook8 miles2200 ft strenuousNo
65Fobes to Pacific Crest Trail
6 miles1300 ft moderateNo
66Fobes to Spitler9 miles1700 ft moderateNo
235Gold Hill
6 miles1300 ft moderateNo
270Gold Hill - PCT North Key Exchange
13 miles2200 ft strenuousNo
253Gold Hill - Strenuous
11 miles2500 ft strenuousNo
292Morris Ranch Rd to Fobes Rd
8.5 miles1885 ft strenuousNo
13 miles3100 ft strenuousNo
254Morris Ranch Road to North PCT
13 miles2000 ft strenuousNo
122Pacific Crest Trail North of Hwy 74
10 miles1500 ft strenuousNo
123Pacific Crest Trail South to Terwilliger Flats
12 miles1000 ft strenuousNo
263Pacific Crest Trail South to Terwilliger Flats - NO key exchange
12 miles1000 ft strenuousNo
134Ramona Trail to Tool Box Springs
8 miles1500 ft moderateNo
154South Fork Meadows8 miles1600 ft moderateYes
159Spitler Peak
11 miles2600 ft strenuousNo
163Thomas Mt. via Toolbox Springs
12 miles2300 ft strenuousNo


212Black Mountain
7 miles2600 ft strenuousNo
50Deer Creek in Idyllwild to Strawberry Crossing
10 miles2000 ft strenuousYes
51Deer Springs to Suicide Rock
7 miles1900 ft moderateNo
284Deer Springs to Suicide Rock to Climber's Trail
4.5 miles1750 ft moderateNo
52Devil's Slide to Saddle Junction
5 miles1700 ft moderateNo
53Devil's Slide/Skunk Cabbage
7 miles1700 ft moderateNo
63Ernie Maxwell
5 miles300 ft easyNo
82Humber Park to Laws9 miles2500 ft strenuousNo
83Humber Park to Tahquitz Meadow7 miles1700 ft moderateNo
219Idyllwild Nature Center Perimeter Loop
4 miles500 ft easyYes
92Keenwild to Tahquitz Peak Lookout via Southridge Trail15 miles4000 ft strenuousNo
158South Ridge
7 miles2000 ft strenuousNo
237Strawberry Valley Loop
12 miles3700 ft strenuousNo
160Tahquitz Peak
7 miles2200 ft strenuousNo
190Tahquitz Peak Loop
13 miles3200 ft strenuousNo

Indian Canyons

2Andreas and Palm Canyons Intro3 miles500 ft easyYes
4Andreas Canyon
3 miles500 ft easyYes
3Andreas Canyon to the West Fork
8 miles2500 ft strenuousYes
5Andreas-Murray-Coffman Loop
3 miles500 ft easyYes
14Art Smith to the Trading Post18 miles3500 ft strenuousYes
54Dunn Road via Vandeventer moderateYes
60East Fork-Vandeventer Loop
7 miles1400 ft moderateYes
211Faux Murray Hike
9 miles2300 ft strenuousYes
64Fern Canyon Loop
6 miles1600 ft moderateYes
84Indian Canyon Potrero
10 miles1300 ft moderateYes
236Indian Canyons
13 miles2400 ft strenuousYes
214Indian Canyons - Fast Paced
14 miles2500 ft strenuousYes
227Indian Canyons-VanDeVenter, Hahn, Buena Vista to Dunn Road and back via West Fork
13 miles2000 ft strenuousYes
251Indian Canyons: Agua Bonita Spring
14 miles2500 ft strenuousYes
89Jo Pond via West Fork strenuousNo
195Jo Pond via West Fork to Morris Ranch Road
12 miles+6400-2200 ft strenuousYes
108Maynard Mine
7 miles2400 ft strenuousYes
125Palm Canyon to Agua Bonita Springs Returning on the Palm Springs Jeep Trail14 miles2300 ft strenuousYes
126Palm Canyon to Hwy 74 or the reverse
16 miles+4500-1000 ft strenuousNo
229Palm Canyon to Stone Pools
6 miles900 ft moderateYes
161The Long Loop14 miles2300 ft strenuousYes


191Indio's Backyard
12 miles400 ft strenuousNo
318Savanah Storm (Indio Hills Badlands)
6 miles600 ft moderateNo

Joshua Tree National Park

149 Palms Oasis4 miles400 ft easyYes
305Barker Dam Loop
4 miles200 ft easyNo
286Big Foot Trail8 miles500 ft strenuousYes
21Black Rock/Burnt Hill Loop7 miles900 ft moderateYes
22Black Rock/Two Loops6 miles600 ft moderateYes
289Burro Loop Trail
5 miles800 ft moderateYes
30Carey's Castle
8 miles1400 ft strenuousNo
46Contact Mine
4 miles1000 ft moderateYes
48Covington Loop
6.5 miles700 ft moderateNo
221Eagle Cliff Mine
5 miles500 ft moderateYes
280Garret's Arch Loop
5 miles500 ft moderateYes
67Garrett's Arch
5 miles500 ft moderateYes
278Hayfield Canyon6 miles900 ft moderateNo
307Johnny Lang Canyon-Garnet Hill Loop
6 miles1000 ft moderateYes
299JohnnyLang Canyon Loop
8 miles1500 ft strenuousYes
225Joshua Tree Explorer
6.5 miles700 ft moderateYes
91Joshua Tree Medley4 miles400 ft easyYes
244JT&SSR Railway Hike
5 miles500 ft moderateNo
103Lost Horse Mine Loop
7 miles1300 ft moderateYes
104Lost Palms Oasis
7 miles600 ft moderateYes
259Malapai Hill
2 miles600 ft moderateYes
107Mastodon Peak and Mortens Mill5 miles650 ft moderateYes
262North View - Maze and Window south
8 miles1300 ft moderateYes
209North View - Maze Loop
7 miles1000 ft moderateYes
311Oak Canyon Potholes
8.5 miles1350 ft strenuousYes
127Panorama Overlook
7 miles1200 ft moderateYes
243Pushwalla Plateau Mines and Overview
7 miles1600 ft strenuousYes
231Quail Springs to JT & SSR
5 miles800 ft moderateNo
304Quail Wash to Park Blvd.
5 miles-500 ft easyNo
140Ryan Mountain
4 miles1000 ft moderateYes
142Samuelson's Rocks
4 miles400 ft easyYes
306Section 11, near town of Joshua Tree
4 miles700 ft easyNo
162The Maze
6 miles800 ft easyYes
199The Maze with North View & Window Rock Loops
7 miles1000 ft moderateYes
166Two Mines and a City8 miles600 ft moderateYes
167Two Mines and a Mountain7 miles1600 ft moderateYes
172Warren Peak via Black Rock Trail
6 miles1100 ft moderateYes
171Warren Peak/Black Rock/Panorama Loop8 miles1700 ft strenuousYes
319West Side Loop & Nature Trail Combo
6.0 miles1250 ft moderateNo
181Willow Hole
7 miles100 ft moderateYes
182Wonderland of Rocks Loop5 miles600 ft moderateYes

La Quinta

16Bear Creek Ridge Oasis
9 miles2500 ft strenuousNo
200Bear Creek Scrambler
9 miles2500 ft strenuousNo
293Boo Bear
4.5 miles600 ft moderateNo
24Boo Hoff
9 miles1650 ft strenuousNo
23Boo Hoff to Lost Canyon
8 miles1500 ft strenuousNo
94La Quinta Cove Loop14 miles2000 ft strenuousNo
95La Quinta Mystery Hike
6 miles moderateNo
97La Quinta Overlook
4 miles800 ft moderateNo
322La Quinta to Lake Cahuilla
6.87 miles827 ft moderateNo
256La Quinta Trailheads Loop
5 miles200 ft easyNo
99Lake Cahuilla easyNo
102Lost Canyon6 miles600 ft moderateNo
113Morrow Trail6 miles300 ft easyNo


224Big Colorful Canyon and Burnt Sienna Loop
5.5 miles500 ft moderateNo
70Grottos8 miles800 ft strenuousNo
207Grottos Overlook Trail
5 miles500 ft easyNo
98Ladder/Painted Canyon
5 miles600 ft moderateNo
192Ladders and Grottos Mecca Marathon16 miles2000 ft strenuousNo
100Little Painted Canyon4 miles500 ft easyNo

Morongo Valley

19Big Morongo Canyon
6 miles300 ft easyNo
240Big Morongo Canyon #196 miles-1000 ft moderateYes
230Big Morongo Meander
6 miles500 ft moderateNo
20Big Morongo Preserve Loop
4 miles400 ft easyNo

Mountain Center

45Coldwater Creek7 miles1200 ft moderateNo

Mt. San Jacinto State Park

271Miller Peak10 miles1600 ft strenuousYes


283Santa Rosa Plateau to the Vernal Pools
6 miles1000 ft moderateYes

Pacific Crest Trail

249Guadalupe Trail: La Quinta Cove to Hwy 74
15 miles+5200-1800 ft strenuousNo
111Mission Creek to PCT
5 miles500 ft easyNo
247Pacific Crest Trail North to Morris Ranch Road
13 miles+2000-800 ft strenuousNo

Palm Desert

3233 Cowboys, 1 Homestead
3.6 miles520 ft easyNo
6Angelo Peak/Blue Mountain9 miles1800 ft strenuousNo
7 miles1200 ft moderateNo
9Art Smith to Dunn Road
17 miles3350 ft strenuousNo
11Art Smith to the First Oasis
4 miles1000 ft moderateNo
12Art Smith to the Second Oasis
6 miles1400 ft moderateNo
13Art Smith to the Third Oasis
10 miles2000 ft strenuousNo
222Art Smith-Hopalong Loop
8 miles1500 ft strenuousNo
15Art Smith-Hopalong-Schey Loop
7 miles1700 ft moderateNo
17Big Horn Loop
7 miles1700 ft moderateNo
18Big Horn Overlook
4 miles800 ft moderateNo
238Bighorn Overlook4 miles800 ft moderateNo
198Cahuilla Park to Blue Mountain Summit
6 miles2000+ ft strenuousNo
223Carrizo and Dead Indian Canyons
5.5 miles400 ft easyNo
31Carrizo Canyon
3 miles300 ft easyNo
32Carrizo Canyon to the Top4 miles400 ft moderateYes
61Eisenhower Loop
5 miles900 ft moderateYes
62Eisenhower Peak8 miles2000 ft strenuousYes
72Henderson Trail/Palm Desert
3 miles500 ft easyNo
75Hike to the Cross
4 miles600 ft easyNo
264Hike to the Cross and to Cat Canyon6.5 miles1700 ft strenuousNo
79Hopalong Cassidy
9 miles2500 ft strenuousNo
78Hopalong Cassidy B Loop4 miles800 ft moderateNo
213Hopalong Cassidy to Art Smith
8 miles2600 ft strenuousNo
257Hopalong to the Golf Course ravine
5 miles1000 ft moderateNo
265Hopalong/Bump and Grind
7 miles1200 ft moderateNo
267Palm Desert Exploration5 miles600 ft moderateNo
204Randall Henderson
3 miles400 ft easyNo
201Stone Eagle
6 miles1000 ft moderateNo
288Upper Carrizo Canyon
3 miles300 ft easyNo

Palm Desert to Palm Springs

10Art Smith to Garstin
17 miles3500 ft strenuousNo

Palm Springs

7Araby-Berns-Shannon Loop
7 miles1200 ft moderateNo
8Araby-Eagle Canyon Loop7 miles2000 ft moderateNo
25Bulls Eye Rock
9 miles1800 ft strenuousNo
44Coffman Loop
4 miles500 ft easyYes
49Crazy Eight Loop
8 miles800 ft moderateNo
59Earl Henderson
3 miles300 ft easyNo
220Full North Lykken
4 miles1300 ft moderateNo
232Garston Trail Head to Araby Trail Head
7 miles1200 ft moderateNo
68Garston-Shannon-Henderson Loop
5 miles1000 ft moderateNo
233Goat Trails
5 miles1000 ft moderateNo
303Goat Trails Ramble
6 miles1300 ft moderateNo
189Goat Trails to Araby/Berns
4 miles1000 ft moderateNo
69Grand Tour of South Palm Springs
268Indian Potrero Loop
8 miles1200 ft strenuousYes
88Jane's Hofbrau Loop
3 miles800 ft moderateNo
297Long Valley Loop
5 miles600 ft moderateNo
105Lower Skyline
6 miles1700 ft moderateNo
205Lykken Trail North & South
10 miles2500 ft strenuousNo
4 miles1000 ft moderateNo
115Murray Canyon
5 miles500 ft moderateYes
116Murray Canyon/Coffman Loop
7 miles1000 ft moderateNo
117Murray Hill Loop
8 miles2200 ft strenuousNo
120North Lykken
3 miles900 ft moderateNo
121Oswit Canyon
3 miles600 ft easyNo
124Palm Canyon Medley7 miles750 ft moderateNo
150Skyline Trail10 miles8000 ft strenuousYes
149Skyline Trail - Half Way UP10 miles4000 ft moderateNo
197Skyline Trail - Half Way UP - STRENUOUS
10 miles4000 ft strenuousNo
210Skyline Trail to 3000 ft
8 miles3000 ft strenuousNo
152Skyline Trail to the Peak16 miles10400 ft strenuousYes
294Skyline Trail to the Tram's Mountain Station - Extremely Difficult!
10 miles8200 ft strenuousNo
153Snow Creek
14 miles2000 ft strenuousNo
156South Lykken Full Moon Hike7 miles800 ft moderateYes
157South Lykken Trail
4 miles1000 ft moderateYes
168Vargas Palms5 miles500 ft moderateNo
169Victor Loop
3 miles600 ft easyYes
170Village Fest Loop6 miles1000 ft moderateNo
175West Fork
5 miles1800 ft moderateNo
174West Fork to Andreas Canyon
8 miles2400 ft strenuousNo
179Wild Horse
6 miles1200 ft moderateNo


27Cactus Springs
10 miles2400 ft strenuousNo
80Horsethief Creek
5 miles1200 ft moderateNo
81Horsethief to Cactus Springs
10 miles2500 ft strenuousNo
129Pinyon Loop
12 miles1700-2000 ft strenuousNo
146Santa Rosa Peak via Sawmill20 miles4000 ft strenuousNo
147Sawmill Road
10 miles2500 ft strenuousNo

Pinyon Flat

276Asbestos Mountain
6 miles1000 ft strenuousNo

Pioneer Town

85Chaparosa Peak
6.5 miles1500 ft moderateNo
320Chaparrosa Spring
6.5 miles900 ft moderateNo
131Pipes Canyon7 miles1000 ft moderateNo
234Pipes Canyon Crossover
9 miles1800 ft strenuousNo
296Pipes Canyon Flower Hike
4 miles400 ft easyNo
274Pipes Canyon Loop
7 miles100 ft moderateNo
248Pipes Canyon Loop to Chaparosa Peak
8 miles2000 ft strenuousNo
130Pipes Canyon with Chaparosa Peak8 miles1800 ft moderateNo
216Pipes to the Green House
8 miles800 ft moderateNo
148Sawtooth Loop
8 miles1500 ft moderateNo

Pipes Canyon

302Pipes Canyon hike to Green House
8 miles900 ft strenuousNo
252Sawtooth Connector
9 miles1800 ft strenuousNo

Rancho Mirage

26Bump and Grind4 miles1000 ft moderateNo
41Chuckwalla Loop
6 miles1000 ft moderateNo
101Lodge Loop
4 miles500 ft easyNo
106Magnesia Falls
5 miles400 ft strenuousNo
135Ritz Ramble
4 miles400 ft easyNo
136River Grind5 miles1000 ft moderateNo

Salton Sea

183Bird Photography and Watching Hike
290Dos Palmas Preserve
5 miles100 ft easyNo
141Salton Sea Overlook7 miles400 ft moderateNo
176West Oasis8 miles700 ft moderateNo

San Gorgonio

90John's Meadow
6 miles800 ft moderateNo

San Jacinto Tram

47Cornell Peak5 miles900 ft moderateNo
114Mt. San Jacinto12 miles2400 ft strenuousNo
119Mystery Snow Hike5 miles1000 ft strenuousNo
137Round Valley Loop
6 miles600 ft moderateYes
144San Jacinto Peak
12 miles2400 ft strenuousYes
145San Jacinto with Snowshoes7 miles2400 ft strenuousYes
165Tram to Idyllwild9 miles+600-2400 ft moderateNo
164Wellman's Divide
8 miles1400 ft moderateYes

Whitewater Preserve

128Paw Hill at Whitewater Preserve
7 miles1000 ft moderateNo
133Rainbow Rock Canyon
7 miles1000 ft moderateNo
301Red Dome Animal Track Hike
4 miles400 ft easyNo
273Red Dome to Old Road Loop
6 miles500 ft moderateNo
143San Gorgonio Overlook
11 miles1200 ft strenuousNo
217Whitewater New Trail
8 miles1000 ft moderateNo
177Whitewater Preserve Loop
4 miles600 ft easyNo
196Whitewater Preserve Loop with Side Extension along PCT
8.5 miles1500 ft moderateNo
315Whitewater Preserve Photography Hike
4 miles400 ft easyNo
250Whitewater Preserve: Hikers Hill10 miles900 ft strenuousNo
218Whitewater to Knob Creek
6 miles300 ft moderateNo
178Whitewater to Mission Creek6 miles1000 ft moderateNo
285Whitewater to Stills Landing
10 miles500 ft moderateNo
255Whitewater to West Fork Trail
6 miles1000 ft moderateNo

Whitewater-Mission Creek

258Wathier Landing
13 miles2000 ft strenuousNo


194Angeles Oaks
9 miles1500 ft strenuousNo