Bernard and Herbie Rochet
Bernard and "Herbie" spend spring, summer and fall at home on Mayne Island, BC. Their winters are spent in and around Palm Springs. They enjoy sailing, hiking, birding, flowers, geology, natural history and photography.

Carl Gorretta
Hike-Leader Coordinator, has enjoyed visiting the Coachella Valley since retiring in 2001. Carl has had more time to pursue interests in hiking, photography and other outdoor activities. Vancouver, Washington is home with a home in Rancho Mirage for the spring and fall. Enjoys desert visits from his four sons and nine grandchildren. "I enjoy getting people out of their recliners and onto trails to enjoy the beauty of our earth."

Carl Gorretta and Jonelle Dedrick
Carl and Jonelle have been hike leaders for ten years and enjoy leading hikes together. They hike extensively in the Pacific Northwest when not in the desert.

Carrie Desler
Carrie Desler is a retired nurse of 45 years. She has lived in Oregon and has been hiking trails in the Northwest. She moved to the Desert last year and has enjoyed hiking the Cross, Eisenhower trail, Devils Slide, Whtewater, and many more. The desert is such a beautiful place to hike with so much versatility. She is an avid golfer also.

Charles Buck
Charles Buck winters in Palm Desert with his wife Dianne. Our enjoyment of the desert weather has brought us back to the desert many times over the last 39 years. We enjoy our time here and with our son, daughter-in-law and our granddaughter. Our home base is in Minnesota, and occasionally we spend some time there.

Christy Anderson
Winters in Indian Wells. Summers in Kelowna, BC. Hike leaders since 2006.

Dan Coleman
Dan Coleman has been hiking in the Coachella Valley and nearby desert for over two years. He participates as sweep and also enjoys mapping and tracking hikes. Back home in Washington State, Dan hiked and camped over many years with family and friends in the Eastern Washington deserts as well as the Olympic and Cascade Mountain ranges. He also enjoys sailing and kayaking both of which require his skills in navigation. Dan trained with Olympia's Harbor Patrol and the Civil Air Patrol in search and rescue techniques. As an Air Force sergeant early in his career, he enjoyed hiking in Western Europe and also received specialized training in tropical terrain. Dan recently retired from 40 years in practice as a physical therapist and is looking forward to leading hikes here in the desert.

Dave and Cathy Luckwell
Hale from Thorsby, near Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and winter wherever our feet land. We have 2 daughters and 5 grandchildren, who all reside in and around Edmonton. Our love for the desert brings us to the Coachella Valley for most/some of the winters. We enjoy hiking, golf, cycling, traveling and spending time with our children and grandchildren.

David Cooper
New description.

David Stewart
Specialty leader for the Skyline...

Dianne DeLong
Dianne DeLong, Social Coordinator, was originally from Montreal, Quebec. Residing in Calgary, Alberta, CANADA since 1995. Dianne started a rewarding career in real estate in 1995 and continues working to date. She has been coming to the Coachella Valley for years but settled in Palm Desert in 2008 and started hiking shortly thereafter, and enjoys the exercise, exploring new areas and socializing. She loves to walk with her dogs around their complex, swim, bike, golf and play Bridge.

Eric B
I am a retired English teacher who has been leading hikes in the Coachella Valley for over 20 years. I lead moderate hikes that I would describe as "slow paced and we stop at everything interesting", anywhere from 4 to 8 miles. I also lead flower hikes where we identify and photograph interesting plants.

Gordon Fidler

John Tang
John and Terry's first hike with DTHC was in 2001 with Hike Leader Ilse Richards one of our foundering members. In 2002 Ilse convinced John to become a hike leader for DTHC and at that time he also lead hikes for the North Shore Hikers in Vancouver, BC. John and Terry enjoy the winters in the Coachella Valley golfing and hiking and spend the summers in Vancouver, BC

John Walker
John and Sheila spend their winters in Palm Desert and summers in Vancouver BC. They enjoy hiking both desert and rainforest mountains. They lead and sweep easy-to-moderate hikes at a pace which permits enjoying the scenery, while still getting a decent workout.

Jonelle Dedrick
Jonelle has been a hike leader for Desert Trails for the past ten years. She also enjoys biking and Scrabble or any other word game available. She hikes in the Pacific Northwest when not in the desert.

Kim Glasgow
Hello Fellow Hikers, I love the outdoors and I love showing the outdoors to everyone. I lead hikes in the Coachella Valley and in the Sierra Nevadas where I live during the summer.

Mary Settle

Mike Ovesen
Originally from Seattle, now residing in Rancho Mirage since 2005 and hike leader since 2012.

Nancy Pringle
Nancy lives in Pacific NW part of the year, winters in Palm Desert; leads hikes in Coachella Valley and around Joshua Tree. She enjoys hiking, biking, gardening, reading, cooking, traveling and practicing holistic health. "I continue loving the desert more each year. Fun discovering trails, sharing them with others". She leads moderate hikes at a moderate pace.

Rich & Katie Peregrin
Has been hiking with the DTHC and CVHC for the past nine years and really enjoys going to beautiful places, the camaraderie and all the social events. Rich has been a hike leader for the past 7 years leading moderate, strenuous hikes.

Rich & Suzanne Jarvinen
They are from Colorado Springs, Colorado, currently residing in Indio California with a second home in Kona Hawaii. Hiking with the many knowledgeable Desert Trails members since 2007 has stimulated their interest in the plants, rocks and animals with which we share our trails.

Rich Jarvinen
Rich moved from Colorado Springs, Colorado, and is currently residing in Indio California with a second home in Kona Hawaii. He has been hiking with Desert Trails since 2007 and has taken a keen interest in trail and open space stewardship, opening new trails and ensuring access to existing trails. In addition to hiking, Rich enjoys running, paddling, biking, swimming, golf, tennis, scuba, skiing and travel.

Ron Knight
Ron is a retired educator who lives in Pender Harbour, BC, and leads hikes in the surrounding mountains. He has visited the desert each winter for over a decade with his wife Carla. Ron's interests include photography and movie making, tennis, gardening, and fitness. His motto is, "Aging is inevitable; being old is a choice".

Suzanne Jarvinen
Suzanne is from Colorado Springs, Colorado, currently residing in Indio California with a second home in Kona Hawaii. She is a docent with the Living Desert, National Monument and Coachella Valley Preserve. She is a native plant enthusiast familiar with most of the plants and flowers of the desert.