Current Hikes:Spring Schedule (Apr-1 - Jun-30) 2021

Note: a hike cancelled less than 10 days before it is scheduled will remain on the calendar as CANCELLED; if cancelled more than 10 days before it will no longer be shown on the calendar.


  • Easy  : 0-500 ft elevation gain; typically 3-6 miles;
  • Moderate  : 500-1800 ft. elevation gain; typically 6-10 miles;
  • Strenuous  : 1800-5000 ft. elevation gain; typically longer than 8 miles.

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No hikes yet for Spring Schedule (Apr-1 - Jun-30) 2021 due to COVID-19.

COVID Precautions

  • Masks required for meetup.
  • Social distancing required all the time.
  • Masks on the trail are optional, but it is recommended that you keep them handy so that you can put them on if we should meet another group on the trail.