Current Hikes: Spring Schedule (Apr-1 to Jun-30) 2019

Note: a hike cancelled less than 10 days before it is scheduled will remain on the calendar as CANCELLED; if cancelled more than 10 days before will simply be removed from the calendar.


  • Easy  : 0-500 ft elevation gain; typically 3-6 miles;
  • Moderate  : 500-1800 ft. elevation gain; typically 6-10 miles;
  • Strenuous  : 1800-5000 ft. elevation gain; typically longer than 8 miles.

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Sat Apr 27, Meet time: 7 am
Eagle Canyon
Leader: Mike O  
Moderate  3 miles 800 ft

Hike to a hidden palm oasis.
(Open to non-members)
Sat May 11, Meet time: 7 am
Goat Trails to Araby/Berns
Leader: Mike O  
Moderate  4 miles 1000 ft

Learn to navigate the confusing trail system on the plateau;.
(Open to non-members)
Sat May 25, Meet time: 8 am
Rainbow Rock Canyon
Leader: Mike O  
Moderate  7 miles 1000 ft

Follow the PCT north from Whitewater ranger station to a side canyon. Trail leads past colorful rocks to a beautiful waterfall - possible stream crossings.
(Open to non-members)

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