We offer our Members a wide variety of hikes during the week.  Some hikes have limits as to how many participants are allowed to sign up due to their difficulty. Also, it is asked that you contact the hike leader(s) by telephone, if you have not hiked with them previously, instead of by email. 

Please review, before you signup for a hike, the “HIKING REQUIREMENTS” link on the right so you will be aware of what is required of you to participate on any of our hikes. Each hiking participant must sign the Hike Leader’s Sign-in/Waiver of Liability sheet before hiking. If you choose not to finish the hike you will be required to Sign-out, thereby relinquishing any responsibility towards the Hike Leader as well as the Desert Trails Hiking Club.

On the Hike Schedule, you can select the most current schedule, the next quarterly schedule [if published] or you may select previous schedules for reference.  Hike Leaders can directly access the Hiking Schedule to add, modify, change or cancel an upcoming hike.  This timely updating is valuable to both Hikers and Hike Leaders. Therefore it is advised that you check the schedule on a regular basis as it is constantly changing.

For newcomers, you may learn more about your upcoming hike and Hike Leader in the List of Hikes and Hike Leader Biographies. 

To learn more about the hiking areas in and around the Coachella Valley, you might enjoy this “Useful Links” link.

Annually we plan a “Getaway” Hiking adventure. After all, most snowbirds are always in need of a vacation. These events usually take place in March in different locations selected & organized by volunteer members. We hike some of the great trails in that area and visit many of the local sites including wineries and breweries. If you want a real getaway to cherish, check out the details  for the Upcoming Getaway  as soon as it is available.

The turnouts for our past Getaways have been excellent.  Participants are still talking about all the fun they had!!