With the exception of the Summer quarter, Desert Trails Hiking Club publishes a Newsletter for its Members.  Each Newsletter provides timely updates on trail conditions, activities of the Coordinating Council, special events and past Socials of the Club plus volunteer efforts by Club Members. Currently, the Newsletter Co-Ordinator is Herbie Rochet. If you have any kudos, ideas, photos or articles you would like to see published in the next Newsletter please contact Herbie via email using Info@deserttrailshiking.com.

The newest Newsletter is at the top of the list on the right side of this page.  Read through it today!  When you have time, take a walk into our past by reviewing the earlier issues.  There was one common thread throughout each Newsletter:  we had fun in the moment and kept coming back for more!!

Over time, these concise Newsletters provide a narrative history and memory joggers for our Members. 

Providing members a variety of hiking, social and stewardship opportunities