Desert Trails Hiking Club would not exist without volunteers.    Members volunteer their time to hike with us. The Hike Leaders volunteer to lead those hikes. Our Coordinating Council members volunteer to handle the policy, social and administrative Club duties. Every activity of the Club is done by, with and for the volunteers.  The only compensation is the satisfaction of helping others.

The idea of giving back is an easy task with the Desert Trails Hiking Club. Think about what you already know and consider sharing that knowledge, hobby, desire or ability with us.

Our Work Day ‘Hikes’, now managed by FODM (Friends of the Desert Mountains), help maintain and build trails in the Valley. Participating in these events is an opportunity to get some exercise, socialize and learn skills you might need with your own landscaping projects. There is also a new opportunity through the FODM to become a “Trail Ambassador” which requires a little bit of training but is easy to participate in and provides the much needed data to organize the Work Days projects on areas that require attention. This also helps FODM access additional funding, through government grants, which helps pay for the tools and supplies required to maintain the fantastic trails in the Coachella Valley.

Your interest in hiking and having fun is the ticket you need to volunteer. Everyone has at least one special talent that you might enjoy sharing with others. If you enjoy yourself on our hikes and at our Socials, you can expand your feeling-good-moments very easily. Go to the VOLUNTEER APPLICATION link and look over the possibilities.

The list is extensive but only scratches the surface of what you can do for your Club. The most valuable asset all of us have is time. Sharing your time with friends doing what you enjoy is a wonderful reward.

Complete the form and send it to us online to get the ball rolling.