Updated 02/05/2020

February 05, 2020 –


The Coachella Valley Wildflower Festival is coming up on Saturday March 7th at the Palm Desert Civic Center Park off Monterey. This annual event, presented by the Friends of the Desert Mountains, is always very special and well attended.

Volunteers are needed at the booth that provides information about the Friends, the Desert Trails Coalition, hiking and riding trails and trail stewardship activities in the Valley.

Desert Trails Hiking Club members have always been generous with their volunteer time for this great event. If you are able to volunteer this year, please contact Rich Jarvinen by email: rich@kanaloa1302.com

When you write, please let Rich know if you would like a morning (9-noon) or an afternoon (noon- 3) shift, or would prefer something shorter than a 3-hour commitment. (They value their volunteers’ time and can be very flexible with shift assignments.)

Let’s chip in and help again this year!

January 23, 2020 –

Hike 4 Hope – still need some helpers for H4H on Feb 23:

      1. 1 co-leader and 2 sweeps for Big Colorful Canyon Mecca

  1. 1 sweep Bear Creek
  2.  2 sweeps Pyramid – Mecca
  3.  2 sweeps Art Smith to 1st oasis
  4. 1 sweep Hike to Cross

Please contact Mike Oveson  or Terry Karsen  if you can or want to assist with this worthwhile event.

January 09, 2020

Attention hikers:  the RAINBOW ROCK CANYON TRAIL in Whitewater was severely affected by last year’s heavy rain. A defined trail has been obliterated in places, is blocked by boulders in others, and as you approach the waterfall, what’s left of the trail is choked with plant growth, boulders, or both. Be prepared to bushwhack, crawl/scramble and get your feet wet to reach the waterfall.

January 07, 2020 –

Cheryl Cohen, the owner of Desert CrossFit has kindly offered to hold a couple of Open Houses for all interested DTHC members to see and learn how their hiking experiences can be more enjoyable with increased levels of fitness.

WHEN:  Friday 10 January at 2:00 PM

WHERE: 73-605 Dinah Shore Dr., Suite 1400N, Palm Desert (760-779-8880)

RSVP: cheryl@desertcrossfit.com to confirm your attendance

Mike Ovesen


December 18, 2019 –


INDIO, CA (December 16, 2019) – Indio Water Authority (IWA) is pleased to commence the construction of fencing, parking, access and safety improvements for the trailhead at the end of Golf Center Parkway and 42nd Avenue by the Coachella Valley Canal. The improvements are made possible through the collaboration and funding by the Coachella Valley Mountains Conservancy and City of Indio/the Indio Water Authority.

To ensure the safety of the public and accommodate heavy equipment for the project, the trailhead will be closed from January 6 through February 17, 2020; please note that street parking is not allowed in the area.

Once improvements are complete, the trailhead will reopen and the public is invited to enjoy the East Indio Hill Trails (aka East Indio Hills Badlands). The approximately 5-mile trail was completed by the Friends of the Desert Mountains as part of a trails network in the Northern Coachella Valley.

Please contact the IWA Project Manager, Mario Camacho at (760) 625-1786 or mcamacho@indio.org if you have questions or concerns regarding this project.



December 18, 2019 – The Hike 4 Hope is being reinvented, please mark your calendar with February 23, 2020 as registration will be open soon… more information will be available very soon.


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We are currently looking for, at least one, new council member(s) to help keep the ship upright & steady as she goes! As well as someone or a group of someones to organize the DTHC 2020 Getaway…


DTHC’s purpose is to enjoy and promote hiking throughout the Coachella Valley and beyond,  in a spirit of friendship and camaraderie